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Tiny Covert Tracker

So simple to use.

Unlike other covert vehicle trackers, our range of MYSPY Easy-Track Trackers are incredibly easy to use. There is no fancy software or complicated setup required. Very simple to use.... Take it out of the box and put it on the car....

Log in and watch.... LIVE!

Showing you exactly where they are on an easy to read map, secretly on your smartphone, tablet etc. Offering real time live tracking with historic reporting!! So even if you cannot get to watch them live you can still see where they have been.

A brilliant unique feature of the Easy-Track, it will send reports back with the house number and street name where the vehicle is situated.

Track screens
The MYSPY Easy-Track allows you to track them easily using your Smartphone, iPad, PC, Laptop, Tablet etc etc secretly and password protected

Here's just some on the great features that makes this covert tracker the best on the market.

  • Google Street Images and Maps shows clear detail.
  • Motion alert, Will inform you as soon as the Tracker moves.
  • Geofencing, Will inform you if the tracker enters or leaves a suspicious area.
  • Battery can last up to 2 WEEKS !!!
  • Waterproof Magnetic pouch Ideal for covert Surveillance.
  • Creates History log for when you can't watch them live.

Hire this brilliant small covert tracker for only £120 and get the evidence you need "LIVE".

Please note : To hire this device, a £100 refundable bond is also required. This will automatically be refunded back to you upon the safe return of the device. This can be done by selecting it from the drop down Cost Options box at the bottom of this page.

The hire duration is for 1 week, this is because cheaters will need to see that illusive third party within that duration. If you need the device for longer we will need to know prior to despatch so we can increase the battery power. Additional weeks are charged half price or pro-rota on a daily basis.

We operate a fair usage policy. The tracker needs to communicate with the internet to give you the information live. The tracker will be delivered with a suitable amount of credit on to last the hire period. If the credit runs out during the hire period due to excessive use we may ask you to contribute to the top up.


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Plain wrapping on all orders.Plain wrapping on all orders.
100% Secure & Discreet100% Secure & Discreet
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