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The Death of Privacy Thanks to Technology

posted on 10 November 2013 | posted in Philosophy

An interesting article here shows just how far technology has taken covert surveillance to a point where detection is almost impossible:-

Silicon chips used in computers and various electronic devices have shrunk with astonishing speed over the past couple of decades. From slower devices spread over an area equivalent to a small living room, we have moved to faster ones less than a centimetre thick.This decrease in size, though highly beneficial to professionals and students, has side effects as well. The size of surveillance gadgets has also shrunk, and though this might be good news for law enforcement agencies, their abundant availability in the open market is alarming.

The ubiquity (through low cost) of such devices has created a lot of problems - because spy equipment can be used for good and bad reasons, and in the wrong hands inevitably they end up being used to blackmail or simply embarrass or bully individuals. This problem's only to get worse while more and more of these gadgets flood the market.

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