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Cheaters Surveillance Case :- 187294

I would like to thank everyone for their support at Spy guy. Spy guy are a professional company who genuinely take time out to help you with whatever your problem is. They give advice appropriate to your circumstances and work out what's best for you. The service is Tailored to meet your needs and your needs only. Spy guy are always contactable. Their service will beat many others out there providing a similar service. Definitely a company I would recommend. Unique in this market due to the genuineness of this company. Thank you. Regards Miss B from West Yorkshire.

Cheaters Surveillance Case :- 041014

Cheaters Surveillance Services came highly recommended by a friend who had also used their services.

I had my husbands movements tracked with a Easy-Track and low and behold everything I suspected over the last 4 years was confirmed and a lot more too!

All the expert advice and equipment needed for the job was in place on the day in question. Finding the truth out finally was like having a weight lifted. (16 stone to be precise )

In a very difficult time, I would recommend the services to any one, he's been a huge support.

Thank you so much

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Cheaters Surveillance Case :- 040967

Recently I found myself in the unenviable situation of having to contact a private detective agency in order to ascertain whether or not my Fiancé was having an illicit affair. I was referred an agent who executed his agreed function with diligence and efficiency both of which are rare commodities nowadays.I have no hesitation in recommending him and his company for any delicate and private/confidential matters such as the one I found myself confronted with. I might add that the personal and sympathetic approach was most comforting as I am sure others will in similar situations.


Cheaters Surveillance Case :- 040984

I am happy to recommend " Cheaters Agency" to anyone who has a doubt about their partner/spouse. This is my experience of finding out the facts about my marriage.

I received an anonymous text tipping me off that my husband was seeing another woman and after finding a mystery key in his pocket I contacted several detective/ surveillance agencies for advice, suggestions and prices. Cheaters Agency compared the most favourably on price and their operative was knowledgeable, kind and gave good sensible advice about the various options available.

I eventually settled on the use of a Covert Vehicle Tracker to check my husband's movements followed by an evening's surveillance by a detective. This showed that he spent in excess of nine hours one afternoon and evening at an address unknown to me. A video camera concealed within a car parked outside the house for several days afterwards, confirmed that the only occupant of the house was a lone woman. It also confirmed that my husband was letting himself into and out of the house using his own key.

My response to this was to pack up all my husband's possessions, change the locks and deposit all his belongings in the woman's house. When I went round there she confirmed that she was indeed sleeping with him (after some initial confusion I showed her a photo of him - it turned out that he was using a false name!). Around three hours later she threw him out too (all caught on video by the camera car).

My husband's response was to lie repeatedly. He denied knowing the woman. He denied that he'd been to the house and he denied having a key. Eventually he said she was his friend's girlfriend (the friend phoned me up to corroborate his story). He also said she was lying about sleeping with him and accused me of being neurotic and imagining things.

If I had not seen the evidence myself I would probably have believed him. Cheaters Agency was highly professional and supportive throughout the whole unpleasant episode. If you are in a similar position my advice would be - find out the facts (and don't believe everything that your partner tells you).

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Cheaters Surveillance Case :- 040367

I would like to say i am a very satisfied customer, suspected she was cheating but the other half is very anti surveillance with your guys help i achieved a lot and after ringing a lot of other companies you guys offered me a solution no other company can at a very competitive rate, will recommend others to use you guys and see results that other companies cannot deliver.


Cheaters Surveillance Case :- 040101

I'm would like to say I am a very satisfied customer, suspected he was cheating but the other half is very anti surveillance, with your guys help I achieved a lot and after ringing other companies, you guys offered me a solution no other company can at a very competitive rate, will recommend others to use you guys and see results; be it good or bad news!

Cheaters Surveillance Case :- 038935

Cheaters Surveillance has been very efficient. If you want any type of discrete/covert work done, they can be relied on totally;he had all the equipment needed. They are very professional, adjusts their work time to suit my needs. If you want results they are first-class, no hesitation in recommending them.

Cheaters Surveillance Case :- 036671

I would like to thank you for the way you handled this delicate situation between my husband and myself. You treated me with an understanding and kindness which I did not expect when I was at my lowest point. You didn't appear to mind my mindless chatter and always provided me with support and advice. I cannot thank you enough for finding out the truth of the situation so that I can now rebuild my life without the constant stress and suspicion. Should anyone feel they are being cheated on I would certainly recommend you and the excellent service you provided. I did not deserve to be humiliated or disrespected like this and I would urge anyone to find out the truth even if it hurts deeply.