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Signs of a Cheating Partner

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1#. Behaviour - Do you see a change in your partner's behaviour recently? Have they started working out, dressing better, something you can't truly put your finger on but nevertheless is making those alarm bells ring.

2# Phone - Are they obsessed with it? Always on it? Locked with a pin? take it in to the bathroom etc etc??

3# Tentative - Are they suddenly distant from you,not as affectionate as usual?

4# Does your partner want space? Space is something we need in a relationship, whether we accept it or not. But has your partner started getting fiercely protective about their space recently? Do they hate answering questions about where they've been or what they've been up to?

5# Routine - Have they recently changed their routine? Late work patterns, new sport, hobby, activity etc? This is a sign if your partner doesn't normally have lots of freedom.

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#6 Sex - Has your sex life started to change? Either reduced or with the introduction of different techniques. If it's reduced and you are a woman try this... When you suspect they have been out to meet their mystery mate try to have spontaneous sex with them. If your guy gets angry, pushes you away or tries avoiding it at all costs, chances are, he maybe exhausted in that department. Also, on arrival back do they head straight to the bathroom? This could be because he/she needs to wash themselves.

#7 Scents - Can you smell another perfume/aftershave on your partner. Check in their car, do they have additional deodorants. They will need to mask the scent on their return. Mints or gum in the car is also a sign, as they'll need to freshen their breath. Perhaps even baby wipes, these are handy to get a quick wash before they get back home.

#8 Gifts and Gestures - If your partner is having casual sex, prostitutes etc. You may struggle to see the full signs. This is because they are not emotionally involved. However, guilt will usually drive them to suddenly give a gift completely out of character. Or be over attentive for a period of time for no apparent reason.

#9 Unannounced visits - If you drop by unannounced to their workplace or come back home early. If your partner is cheating on you,the first thing they'd do (instead of welcoming you with a smile) is hide something or appear surprised or even angry!

#10 Fights - Most cheating partners intentionally try to pick fights, slam the door and walk away, because it makes a great excuse to slip out of the house and meet their adulterous lover.

#11 Change of sleeping habits - If your partner's cheating on you, their sleeping habits may change. They may stay up longer or get up really early?

#12 They get jumpy- Try walking in on your partner when they least expect it without announcing yourself, especially if they've been by themselves for a while. Does your partner act jumpy or nervous when you walk in on them, especially if they're over the phone or in front of their computer?

#13 Events - All of a sudden, your partner may stay out a lot on the pretence of work, or have a lot of get-togethers on their social calendar with their friends. If your partner doesn't ever invite you with their friends, or if they claim to be very busy working, still look fresh and happy when they get home, then your partner's probably up to something.

#14 Passwords - Your partner has changed most of their passwords, even if you thought you knew all of them. Even when you ask them for the new password, they make an excuse to hide it from you. Sometimes, you may see that they position their computer/phone facing away from you, something they would not normally do before.

#15 Grooming habits- Has your partner started grooming their pubic area, even though they aren't keen on having sex with you?

#16 Sneaking away - Does your partner sneak out of the house every now and then, using the silliest of excuses? "I'm driving down to the store to get something…" "My friends are catching up around the corner…" "I'm bored, I'm going for a drive…" or something along those lines? But.... when you offer to tag along, what does your partner say?


If you recognised some signs then you should take action...

But where to start...?

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