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Should You Hire a Private Investigator Or Not?

posted on 9 December 2013 | posted in Advice

Many people hire private investigators in the hope that their fears and doubts are unjustified and misplaced, and that a PI will deliver the good news to them: their husband really IS working late nights at the office. Others KNOW their partner is cheating, but lack the hard evidence, and they require such evidence for legal purposes.

So when should you hire a private investigator?

It's a tough call. Some people hire them at the slightest doubt they have in their mind. It's not unusual to have a client hire us 3 or 4 times - each time they're shown that their partner really isn't cheating. Yet it doesn't stop them hiring us again! This kind of hiring is all about eliminating doubt.

In my mind, it's best to try all avenues first of all before hiring a PI. Firstly, go through the various signs that your partner might be cheating on you first of all - you may find that you are worrying about nothing after you scrutinise your doubts. If the doubts still linger, do you have a confidante you can talk to? Obviously this would be someone you can share such doubts with and who can be trusted to keep such doubts confidential.

Once you've done your due diligence with your regards to your doubts, and they STILL exist, then it might be time to pick up the phone and hire a private investigator. Remember that even if you doubts are strong, it doesn't always mean your partner IS cheating - private investigation can often quash your doubts and prove your partner was being faithful all along.

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