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Interesting Cheating Partner Story on Reddit

posted on 10 October 2013 | posted in Cheating Partners

An interesting self-post emerged on reddit recently - a redditor candidly reporting that his wife of 20 years was having an affair, pregnant, and wanted to divorce him (her husband).

As always with reddit, there were plenty of calls from other redditors for the guy to "lawyer up" and get some legal advice. This is ALWAYS sound advice, because legal advice is NOT prescriptive. Legalities can greatly depend on local laws.

For example, some people mentioned that he should secretly record all conversations with his wife, but others countered that doing it secretly may actually break laws in particular states of the US. I certainly learnt a lot from the lengthy conversation between redditors. In summary:-

  • if your partner threatens to divorce you, seek legal advice first of all before committing to any kind of decision
  • never leave your marital home - you have every right to be there, and should NOT leave on the insistance of your partner
  • be careful about recording conversations secretly - legal advice will tell you if that's safe to do or not
  • if no-fault divorce is legal where you live, the affair that your partner is having won't necessarily weigh positively in your favour

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