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How to catch a cheating Partner...

posted on 31 May 2016 | posted in Surveillance

So... Just how do you catch the Cheating Partner?

Basically there are two aspects you need to cover.

1.) Communication
2.) Transport.

1.) Communication is normally the mobile phone or computer. They love to text flirt and of course they have to arrange to meet somehow. Certainly if you find it easier to ask them for a vital organ than to ask to borrow their phone is usually a sign that they have something to hide. This is actually a good sign as we have products and services that can uncover their secret. The more determined cheater may have two phones. One you don't know about. The casual sex cheat may be using the internet and dating sites. Again we have ways and means of uncovering this !!

2.) For it to be a real affair then normally sex has to be involved somewhere. To achieve this they have to Travel to meet. But where? Hotel? Home? Rendezvous location? etc etc. Once again we have something to solve the mystery. A simple little device in or on their car produces great results.

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