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How to Spot Signs that You May Be Under Surveillance

posted on 14 November 2013 | posted in Surveillance

You might think it strange that we might give advice as to how to spot surveillance, but this post looks at how you can identify if surveillance measures are being taken out against you.

Identify Patterns, CREATE Dead-Cert Ones
First off, you need to identify patterns of behaviour you have during a typical day. The times you leave the home, the route you take to work, the time you come home. You can't avoid such patterns as your day is ruled by the times you must be at work, and physically where you work is. Anyone spying on your movements will especially take notice of patterns. They like predictability. They like it because they know when and where to find you, AND they like it because if you break these patterns, it normally reveals something about your life - of then something that the person who hired them wants to find out.

So be on the look out when following your usual routines - it's at these specific times you're most likely to be under surveillance.

Break Your Patterns
Now that we've looked at patterns, it's good to break some. If you suspect your partner may have hired a private investigator, break your patterns. Does your partner act strange later in the day - worried, even? It may be the news he or she has received from their PI.

Scan Your Computer for Keyloggers
Keylogging is a way to know what you are typing. A log of keypresses is sent to a remote computer and passwords can be extracted from the log of keypresses. This enables someone to grab your passwords, and login to your various online accounts such as Facebook and even your online banking. Malware / keylogger scanning software can help you identify if your computer has been infected or not. Even if you have been infected with such software, it might not mean someone is specifically watching you (you may have passively downloaded it via a compromised website), but it's something that should alert your suspicions.

We'll look at some other signs you may be spied on in our next article.

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