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How to Know When Your Partner Is Cheating Part Two

posted on 6 October 2013 | posted in Cheating Partners

(a continuation from part one)

Secretive Phone Calls

They take a call on their mobile phone, and wander off out of your earshot. While it's normal to want some privacy (even from a partner) for some phone calls, when this becomes a new behaviour or is happening more frequently than normal, it is something to take note of.

More Prone to Anger and Disputes

When a partner has a secret affair, their relationship to you changes too. You may become more of a burden to them, even if the burden is simply having to maintain a web of lies. A cheating individual can start to resent their partner, and this can manifest itself as a more strained relationship.

We Don't Talk Anymore

When you find that your partner is conversing with you a lot less, it may be that they are fulfilling that part of a relationship with another person. Suddenly the things that he or she used to want to tell you is now being told to another person.

Talking More About the Person They are Actually Having an Affair With

As curious as this one sounds, many people who have affairs do this: talk about the person they are having an affair with. Of course, they don't admit the affair itself, but they find it too irresistable to stop themselves from talking about this person. It's a bit like hiding in plain sight - they may think you're less likely to suspect an affair, because why would you talk about someone you're having an affair with?

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