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How to Know When Your Partner Is Cheating Part Three

posted on 10 October 2013 | posted in Cheating Partners

(a continuation from part one and part two)

His / Her Friends Start Acting Differently

Being the "last to know" is a classic situation - not only do you find out your partner's been having an affair, but you also find out that everyone else knew about it before you did. Well, when I say "everyone", it's usually his or her friends that know before you do. So if his / her friends start acting differently towards you, then that's a red flag that something may be wrong.

Your Surprises Cause Anger Rather than Delight

Going over unannounced to their place, or calling them out of the blue on their phone - these are not delightful surprises to someone having an affair, but dangers. And so if they act angrily to your surprises, that is not a good sign.

They Lie to You

A simple, but clinical sign that something's wrong. Constructing a false image to someone (pretending they're NOT having an affair) means having to create one lie after another. Even the best liars simply get tired of having to keep lying, and when their guard is down, you will often catch them in a lie. If you catch your partner lying to you, this is an obvious, but concerning sign that something is wrong.

Unexplained Bills and Purchases

When someone is conducing an affair, it's normal for both parties to be engaged in the "honeymoon" period of their relationship. This usually means spending money on meals, cinema dates, perfumes and other gifts. If you notice such purchases being made by your partner (that aren't spent on you!), then you should be concerned.

In Summary

If there's one thing that ties all the aforementioned signs that someone is having an affair, it's a change of behaviour. Look for those changes and keep a keen eye on events to see if it's a false signal or that something really is up.

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