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How to Know When Your Partner Is Cheating Part One

posted on 5 October 2013 | posted in Cheating Partners

It's the one thing many of us worry about, even if on the surface we'd tell everyone that our partner could never cheat on us. And yet, does such a proclamation reflect your inner anxieties? There can sometimes be signs that not all is well in the relationship. In this series of blog entries, we're going to be looking at tell-tale signs that your partner COULD be cheating on you.

The purpose of this series isn't to worry you, but just make you aware of such signs. In fact, the ABSENCE of such signs will give you extra reassurance that all is well in your relationship.

Let's look at those signs.....

Your Partner's Normal Routine Changes

Maybe your partner starts to come home later from work at night. This might be genuinely due to extra work commitments, but if it carries on for an extended period of time, you have to question such a change in routine. The same issue can occur with regular habitual trips out from the home - shopping, hobbies etc - if such trips suddenly become more frequent, or take longer in time, it is something to be aware of.

Your Partner's Mobile / Tablet Devices Suddenly Become Unavailable to You

It's not uncommon for partners to share devices. For example, maybe you want to browse the web on your partner's mobile because it's simply a better phone and has a better browser than your phone, or you share a tablet. If such sharing becomes impossible all of a sudden, it may be that your partner is hiding evidence that he or she may be having an affair.

Your Partner Becomes Less Relaxed Around You

Sometimes cheating partners try to over-compensate for their cheating by treating their partner with "kid gloves". They start arbitrarily paying more attention to you, buy you gifts etc. This may be 100% innocent - a false positive if you like - and there is a bitter-sweet feeling of doubting your partner when they're just being kind to you - but it IS a potential negative sign that something is afoot.

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