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How To Avoid Feeling Like You’ve Been Lied To…

posted on 20 September 2016 | posted in Avoid a cheating partner

Legitimate complaints of untrustworthy behaviour by their significant others, but you might be surprised to learn that many were not lied to… they just felt like they were lied to.

Many went through all the trauma, heartbreak and dejection of feeling like their partner had lied to them and broken their trust – without ever having been lied to in the first place.

In those cases, most partners had not been lied to… they had just heard what they selectively wanted to hear from their cheating partner and ignored anything else they said or did.

Example. "Let's say a man and a woman are going out on dates and spending the night with each other often. He has told her he's not looking for a relationship, and they continue to be involved with each other… only she believes they're dating more and more seriously because they're spending more and more time with each other.

Eventually, things reach a breaking point where she asks him why he's not taking the relationship seriously, and he denies that they were ever in a relationship in the first place. End result? She feels betrayed and lied to… when in reality he never lied to her".

The crucial point here is that partner was only paying attention to the things they wanted to pay attention to, and selectively listening to only the things they wanted to hear.

"He outright told her that he didn't want a relationship, but because it wasn't something she wanted to hear she ignored him. Then, she wound up hurt and feeling betrayed when they didn't end up together".

Remember to always listen to everything a partner says, not just selective parts. This will help you avoid tons of heartbreak and feelings of being lied to and ultimately being cheated on.


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