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Cheaters LogoHow to catch a Cheating Partner

At Cheaters we understand the emotions and confusion that you are going through…. But what's more important we understand the "Cheater" and the lengths they will go to hide their secret.

Understanding the Cheater...

The first thing you need to consider is the type of cheater your partner may be. These tend to drop into three categories.

1. 20% The Serial Cheater (The Player) will be well versed in their actions.

2. 70% The Tempted Cheater (The Fruit Biter) Out of their league, and easily caught.

3. 10% The "Need to" Cheater (The Voider) Have something missing, yet need that fulfilment.

Then you need to consider why they cheat. Nobody knows your partner better than you. But you need to be honest with yourself. If you feel they are into casual sex or gay sex etc. this has a factor on how you catch them. For instance...These cheaters tend to use their computers and internet dating to find new people. A "Fruit Biter" will usually be tempted with someone they interact with... Work colleague, Neighbour etc. which will usually escalate into a relationship, maintained by phone messages. While a "Voider" may be looking for something unique, something they are not getting at home. Albeit general intimacy, unconventional sex etc.

The basics to catch a Cheating Partner...

First and fore most. The best weapon in your arsenal is patience. Seriously what do you expect them to say when you accuse them? "Yes dear I'm shagging the secretary". Of course they are not going to fess up to it. But now you've just given your ace away. They know you are on to them, and will become more surveillance aware, making it more difficult to get the evidence you need.....
"Keep Yeh Gob SHUT" ... easier said than done! I know!

Despite your current confusion it really isn't that difficult to catch a cheating spouse. You just need to address three topics.

1. Opportunity
2. Communication
3. Transport

Opportunity. When do they have time? This will usually be a change in their routine. Think back to when you started to suspect. After that date have they started doing something different? New hobby, Course, More work commitments etc. Anything new in their lives should be treated as suspicious, so focus your efforts around these times.

Communication. The mobile phone is usually the hub of this activity. However, you'll find it easier getting a cheater to give you a vital organ than it would be to give up their phone. Nevertheless, there are still things we could do. Consider hiding our Big-Ear Listening Device in their car, office around the home etc. These are brilliant at capturing conversation they may have. Also ask us about our Phone adverse checks. Sometimes this can reveal the name address, and phone number of the mystery person.

Transport. Obviously most people have a car, and where ever they go it goes. A tracker is the obvious choice. But people buy the wrong trackers. There's masses of so called real time trackers out there, but they are what we call "Locators" i.e. You ask it where it is and it responds. What you really require is a tracker that builds its history, allowing a behaviour pattern to develop, one that will notify you if they go somewhere suspicious and one that will offer live tracking when you want to follow them. Such as our Easy-Track covert tracker, or why not hit them with both barrels and pop our Black-Box under the car seat. This is our secret weapon in catching the cheater, as it records everywhere they go and what they say at the same time.