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Covert Magnetic Tracker

A small covert tracker on someone's vehicle can tell you so much!

With years of experience we have collated the best covert vehicle trackers available to the public today.

There are three main types of trackers.

1.) Passive tracker. Fool proof small box with exceptional battery life. Build's report.

2.) Real Time Live Trackers allowing web based live tracking and report building.

3.) Professional "Active" Tracker used by the professionals to actively follow someone live.

We also offer a National Tracker Deployment service. This is where we will deploy a tracker on your behalf give you live tracking or reports for a set period of time. Hassle free service. Or you can hire a tracker for a short period of time.
GT1 Small Covert Tracker (10 days Battery)
GT2 Covert Magnetic Tracker (4 weeks Battery.)
GT3 Long-Life Realtime Covert Tracker (2 months)
GT Tracker Top-Up & Login Panel
GT Tracker SMS Top-Up & Login Panel
Professional "Active" Tracker