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Recording Bug

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A listening device with a difference.

You may have watched the odd James Bond film where the spy uses a tiny bug to listen in on conversations.

The reality isn't that straight forward. With any remote listening device you need to know exactly when to listen in. With some bugs you also need to be within range. Even if you do manage to be listening within range and at the right time it's still not recording..... So where's your proof?

What we've done here is take the standard off the shelf dictaphone and converted it to listen to a full size room by amplifying the microphone. We've also added a larger battery pack which allows the device to work for around 2 weeks. It capture's everything direct to itself. No transistors or receivers to go faulty etc. just a simply hide and record device.

This very simple device works on "Voice activation" So when it hears something it records it. and then goes back to sleep. No buzzers, No bleeps No flashing lights just a reliable spying device.

Also supplied free of charge with this item is our tiny remote microphone. This will allow you to hide the device deep in the sofa etc and run the microphone to where you need it.

Also works great in the car.

People (Cheaters) feel safe and coccooned inside their car. No one can hear them, so they speak quite openly on the phone etc. Obviously if their mystery person joins them the recorded footage can be quite graphic let alone incriminating.


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