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Driving Report (1 week)

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As mentioned on our home page, transport is one of the key elements you need to cover. So this service is for ourselves to deploy a very small GPS logger on to the subjects vehicle.

Once this very small discreet box is stuck on the underside of their vehicle it will capture all the movements the vehicle makes..... Everything, Time, Dates, Locations, Durations, Routes, Maximum speeds etc, etc.

It is important that you cast a wide net. With experience we have discovered that your cheating partner will try to visit their mystery friend in the window of one week. So with this device capturing all thier activity within that week you should soon discover where they keep sneaking off to.... when.... and how long for etc.

This device works so much better than a traditional covert tracker. With a tracker it will only show you where they are at a point in time. Which is ok if you want to know where they are at that time. But certainly not concise enough to prove anything. Once this GPS logger is deployed it simply captures everything.

After the duration of a week we will attend and retrieve the device download it's data and email you the report for you to examine.

It's is strongly advised that you don't confront your parter armed only with this report. They always deny it, and if they come out with the line that someone else was driving their vehicle. Not only are you back to square one but you have now sacrificed the element of surprise. Your partner will soon learn to be more vigilant and surveillance aware.

Also, Consider our Track & Follow service to conclude the matter.

The cost also includes a refundable bond of £100. This will be refunded back to you once we have succesfully retrieved our device.

Please bear in mind we are a Yorkshire based agency and therefore our prices are based on our own catchment area of Yorkshire

Please view our sample report below.

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